December 1, 2015

Indoor Garden

Over-alls and nature beauty!

I remember over a year ago, I was invited to a party and decided to wear an over-all. At the party, so many people gave me so many good complements about it and since then, I have purchase a couple of them and wear them many different ways. 

While helping a friend do a little bit of shopping not too long ago, I came across an over-all, once I saw it, I knew I need it to try it on and purchase it. You don't come across an over-all for man too many times.

In here, one of my close friend's come-out with the idea to go check out a near by country club. One of their best venue featured in the pictures, is surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. And who can't forget the beautiful mini lake followed by a nice round bridge that gives you a nice view of the whole place and also brings you to the other side of the venue. 

Because it reminded me of green house, I decided to pull off the over all look once again. The best part about our visit to this beautiful country club located near Port Jefferson, Long Island, is that they let us shoot a couple of other outfits around the area, and also treat us with some very nice snacks. Hope you all like this post and we'll see you in our next post!

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