December 15, 2015

Oheka Castle | NY

A historical location and a fantasy coming to reality!

"Nice to meet you, where you been?". We all know the drama, the dilemma, the fantasy and those special moments that love bring us, but add a breath taking moment to the list because that's what you're going to feel once you step in the amazing Cheka Castle.

"I could show you incredible things". One funny thing about Oheka Castle, is that is actually located in Long Island, New York, exactly what I called home. Without ever realizing such place, thanks for a close friend, we decided to go, check it out and give it a tour.

"New money, suit and tie" It's not secret, most people when they know their going to a castle, it kind of make sense to suit it up a bit. Here, I decided to wear my favorite navy blue suit from Zara and since the temperate has drop a little, I added a sweater and a vest under the blazer.

"I can read you like a magazine" Once I heard about this amazing place, I hit the internet for some information about the castle and its historical history. Not only did I find out this castle is consider the  second biggest owned property in all United States, I also find out, it was also the location where Taylor Swift filled her music video for her song, Blank Space. The castle features an hotel, a county club, and a restaurant.

"So hey, let's be friends" After a couple of hours of learning more about this amazing castle and seeing the castle's amazing surrounds, it was time for brunch. The restaurant was so nice and decorated to the history of the castle. While eating a delicious sandwich, the owner of the castle decided to stop by our table and say hello. He even posed for a couple of photos with my friends and myself.

"So it's gonna be forever" If you haven't tell by now, every sentence of this post has started with a part of a lyric from Taylor's Blank Space song, and that's because it was amazing to get to be at this castle, and also, it's an honor to be able to meet the person who owns it and share this moment with close friend's, and it's sure gonna a great memory forever. That's all for today and I'll see you in our next post.

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