January 6, 2016

2015 Year Recap

Highlight moments of 2015! #JVYEARRECAP 

Happy New Year! There's no lie that 2015 was definitely a highlight year, not just for myself, but for a lot of people. Let's go over those moments that made 2015, so amazing and a memorable year!

"#JVYEARRECAP - January: Taking it back to the beginning of the year when it didn't want to stop snowing, I'm still not ready for any snow anytime soon."

Let's be honest, snow storm every other day was getting a bit annoying. When I was a kid, I didn't have much to do then pray for snow so school could be cancel, now that responsibilities had kick in, snow is the least thing I wish for.

"#JVYEARRECAP - February: Love comes in many ways and forms, sometimes it's visible, sometimes is dark, #flashback ..."

Celebrating Valentine's Day by myself this year was a total experience in which I would to do again. Don't feel bad if you expend Valentine's Day by yourself, do what I did, I took myself on date. May sound crazy, but let's be honest, "you can't love somebody else, if you can't love yourself"

#JVYEARRECAP - March: After Fashion Week madness and super low temperatures, my love for long coats started to kick in. "

I guess the cold was having a bit too much fun in staying, then fashion week kick in and the craziness too. Going to and from shows made the cold a bit warmer and also thanks for my obsession with long coats.

"#JVYEARRECAP - April: Who wouldn't mind waking up with a view like this one!"

New York City has always and will always be one of my favorite cities, and having the life opportunity to be able to live now far way from it, has been a blessing. But also, being able to stay at amazing hotels with amazing New York City skyline views, is a blessing I can't even believe.

"#JVYEARRECAP - May: Picnic in Central Park for my birthday"

What's better than having to cancel all your birthday plans at least minute for personal reasons? Having your friends come together and set up an amazing birthday weekend for you! Not only I had one of the best birthdays of my whole life thus far, but also have the opportunity of having to make of my dreams come true, which was having a panic in central park!

"#JVYEARRECAP - June: Enjoying the beginning of summer with @ewelinaaaboo "

Summer has finally arrived, and what a better way to enjoy it, than having to go boat paddling with your best friend. Not only we got to enjoy a great sunny day, but catching up with old good moments and having your hat being flown away by the air into the water and having to almost jump into the water to get it back... ahhh memories.

"#JVYEARRECAP - July: City night-out with my girls @ewelinaaaboo @messita10 at @eatstk"

What do you get when is summer season and you're in New York City? Rooftops, and a lot of them. Since I went to my first rooftop in New York City back in 2013, I felt in love with them, and since then, they have been one of my favorite eating, clubbing, and drinking destinations.

"#JVYEARRECAP - August: Summer days couldn't get any better"

This year, I got the chance to learn how to skateboard. Not only was I freaking out in falling down, but happy I was able to get up every time.

"#JVYEARRECAP - September: New York Fashion Week craziness, catching up with work before heading out for a couple of shows"

Fashion Week again, and also starting to experience the "relationship" thing, but at the end, sometimes is better to be alone when the goals are different.

"#JVYEARRECAP - October: Pumpkin Picking season!"

Cold is kicking in again, but at least for this time, it comes in beautiful colors and who can forget, the fun of pumpkin picking with your friends.

"#JVYEARRECAP - November: Blank Space moment at Oheka Castle"

A fantasy coming truth, not also got to play a prince, but also, create new dreams and goals in my career and personal life, "You're never too old to dream".

"#JVYEARRECAP - December: Grabbing a cup of coffee at @ralphlauren 's cafe! One of mine NYC's highlight spots!"

A break in the big apple, means a break at Ralph Lauren's Coffee Shop. Well, at least for me!

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