February 21, 2016

Cool Breeze | NYFW

Fighting cold freezing temperatures!

Don't be fooled by the layers that I got, I'm still cold like ice in a pond. New York Fashion Week got us all in an iced freezing temperatures, but that won't stop us from doing work, but we wouldn't mind a raised in temperature degrees #justsayin'. 

If you haven't known by now, New York City was under some really bad cold, freezing temperatures, and to make it better, it was perfect during New York Fashion Week. All jokes a side, the temperature was bad and trying to pull off outfits, no matter how many layers you put on, you would still be cold, but no excuses.

Here, I decided to wear my resent purchased from Burberry, I got this blanket scarf, in which this style, I've been loving for over a year now. They are warm and easy to wear. I paired it up with a matched Burgundy pants and a gray turtle neck shirt to help me keep warm. To end this look, I wore my new custom Louis Vuitton leather loafers. Even with the freezing cold, the cold didn't stop my team and I from brining you guys our Fashion Week report. Hope everyone is having a good warm day and I'll see you in our next post.


Burberry Gray Blanket Scarf

Zara Gray Turtle Neck Shirt 

Zara Burgundy Pants 

Louis Vuitton Custom Brown Leather Loafers 

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