March 29, 2016


60's Inspired Look

When I think of style in the 60's, I think of a sophisticated modern look, in other words, classic and sharp or like they used to called it back in the day, a nice groovy look. Here's an outfit look inspired by the 60's with a little help of Zara Clothing. 

When I first heard of this fun project from our #JVTeam, I instantly became very hyped up about this fun project. After some fun research and some serious shopping for items that represent a part of today's style and for this look, the 60's style too, I came across some fun items at Zara. Zara have been one of my must to go store when I'm looking for something fashionable without breaking my bank account.

For this look, I decided to go for this grey short turtle neck shirt, to achieve that modern sharp look. To add more sharpness to this look, I paired it up with a pair of light grey pants and one of my favorite light brown loafers, in which I'm also currently obsess with. To finish up this look, you can go wrong with a pair of eyeglasses to add that important lawyer look like they show in the movies back in the day. That's all for today, and we will see you all in our next post.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


 Grey Shirt 

ZARA Light Grey Pants with Belt

ZARA  Brown Loafers

Forever 21 Eye-Glasses 

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