May 9, 2016

Light & Bright Spring With Old Navy

Wearing Old Navy head-to-toe 

A lot of people usually ask me where I get my inspiration for my outfits and work, and the answer is simple, window shopping! As crazy as that might sound, part of my job is to be updated, not only in what's on trend online, but also offline. 

While doing some window shopping a couple of weeks ago, I came across an amazing spring collection by Old Navy, making me purchasing a couple of things featuring in this outfit look. When I first saw a couple of pieces from the collection, I was really hype up for spring and summer thanks to the bright light colors and also light material.

Since, my favorite color is blue, for this look, I end up picking a light blue inspired look, starting with a small lined stripe sweater — also light in material — prefect for a sunny and chill spring day, matched with a light blue pants perfect for this spring season and also perfect for summer. When I think of spring and summer, I think of light and soft colors, not only they reflect light making you feel fresh, they also make you feel alive and more energetic. 

To finish up this look, I found a pair of light blue sneakers, perfect to match with the color mix I was going for, and like I mention in almost all my outfit looks — "Can leave the house without a pair of sunglasses" - In here, I found these great gold brown sunglasses, perfect to even out this head-to-toe Old Navy Inspired look! That's all for today and we'll see you in our next post! 

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


Old Navy
 Light Blue Sweater 

Old Navy Light Blue Pants

Old Navy Light Blue Shoes

Old Navy Light Brown Sunglasses

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