May 11, 2016

Soft Ice Cream

Making the most out of a nice warm day!   

Let's all be honest, here in New York, the weather has been like a roller coaster, sometimes the temperatures are high and sometimes are very low, making it hard to have a balance wardrobe. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying a delicious cone of soft ice cream.

Like we said before, the weather here in New York has been like a rollercoaster and when there's a nice, warm, summer day, there's nothing else to do than to try to enjoy it the most. That's exactly what happened when we shoot this look, the weather was beautiful and so warm, we wanted to go to the beach and try to get tan, but don't worry, we didn't get tan but we sure went to the beach and found an ice cream truck along the way, and luckily enough, I was craving for a soft ice cream cone to add a delicious touch to this summer inspired look.

While doing my annual summer clothing shopping spread, I came across this nice light blue shirt from Forever 21, when I first saw it, it instantly called for summer and I needed to have it. Since, the day was so nice and I couldn't wait to wear this shirt, I thought it was a nice idea to forget the cold for a bit, and pretend that summer is finally here. While walking along the beach, I told my friend - AKA, my photographer - that I wanted ice cream, little did we know, a couple of feet away, there was an ice cream truck. We ran like crazy before it left and got ourselves a delicious soft ice cream cone, making this beautiful day, part of our beginning of summer. That's all for today, and we'll see you in our next post!

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


Forever 21 
Blue Stripe Shirt 

H&M Beige Shorts 

Old Navy Light Blue Shoes

H&M Sunglasses

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