June 7, 2016

Manus x Machina - Fashion in a Age of Technology

Metropolitan Museum of Art special exhibition 

Once a year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, host one of the most fashionable exhibitions in the world. Each year, this exhibition is inspired by a different theme, and its inauguration is one of fashion's most glamours events of the year. 

For fashionistas like us, visiting this exhibition is a dream, but offurtuanielly, this exhibition is only open for a couple of months and not many are able to visit and experience it. But don't worry, we have you cover. A couple of days ago, we made a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out this glamours exhibition and like every time we visit this unique exhibition, it takes our breath away and filled us with inspiration and appreciation of haute couture.

When you first walk into the exhibition, the first thing you noticed is the amazing long train wedding dress by Chanel. One fun fat about this dress, is that this dress is part of one of my favorite haute couture shows by Chanel and being able see it in person, was a very special moment.  After having a closer look at the details of the dress, we continue exploring the exhibition, and like every year, we're speechless of how beautiful all the dresses are. From 3D printed dresses, to even some made out of drinking straws, it was inspiring to see how you can make anything so unique out of anything. Today, we are sharing some dresses shown on this exhibition and totally encourage everyone to be visit this exhibition while it last, if you ever visiting New York City. That's all for today and we'll see you on our next post.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 

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