July 22, 2016

Get Their Style : Estee Lalonde

She's a YouTube #girlboss coming into her own. 

Estes Lalonde (@esteelalonde) is the best friend you wish you had who happens to live in London. I have watched her now for three years on YouTube, being captivated by her easy makeup looks and now, her no nonsense fashion that comes with a slight edge. 

She pays attention to trends while also being influenced by other people in the YouTube community and those she meets in her success. Estes recently mentioned at VidCon that she never cared about style until she moved to the UK and saw just how important it was to have. As someone who went to fashion school and tried way too hard in the past, I have learned that simple is easy and timeless. Estee shops at places you and I do all of the time like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, H&M and my favorite, Aritzia. Then again, she splurges on things like her dreamy Acne leather jacket or Celine crossbody bag that makes a t-shirt and jeans look like something out Nylon magazine.

In a recent video, Estee spoke about how she discovered her style (Watch Video Here) while showing her viewers how they can do it too. Even though Estee can clearly afford to maybe buy a little bit more than you and me, her way of dressing and choosing an outfit is something we can all do in our free time. Some key points she makes: find inspiration, choose key pieces in your closet and don't invest too much on trends because they just may fade. 

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