July 13, 2016

Loris Diran Menswear S/S 2017 | NYMFW

Sun bleach colors and adjustable clothing

Starting off our season of New York Men's Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2017 with the amazing Loris Diran Menswear Spring and Summer 2017 collection featuring beautiful sun bleach neutral colors, freshness and chicness. 

The first thing I noticed when walk into Loris Deran Menswear Spring Summer 2017 show presentation at the HG Contemporary Gallery, were the beautiful color of the clothes and how fresh and comfortable they look. While looking at the clothes and taking a closer look, I realized that some of the items of the collection have zippers. Like an amazing bleached green long coat with a long neck cut, had a zipper across the waist to make it into a short jacket. I thought that was a great idea of flexibility and basically two looks in just one item.

Continuing looking at the collection, I also realized the texture of  some of the items, and I'm a big fan of texture, but for a spring and summer season collection, it sometimes can be a little too much for the heat, but after actually seeing it moving and touching it, I was really surprised of how light and fresh they were. A special thanks to Loris Diran for having us in this amazing show presentation, and we'll see you all in our next post. 

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