November 7, 2016

Green Fire | Fire Island

Back in Fire Island!

Before saying good-bye to summer, there's always one last trip I have to take. Heading out to the Fire Island Pines have become a tradition for now on and this year was definitely even more memorable my trip last year. From a crazy adventure to get to the island, to crazy a crazy way back home, I am very happy to have visited this part of the island once again!

Ever since I felt in love with this island back in 2014, I made the decision in discovering it more and learn what the island is all about and why people drag about it. Now I can officially say that I have become one of those people and honestly, there's no words for me to describe this island, but if I have to pick, freedom, relaxation and hotties, are definitely something you would find in this island.

Since my birthday getaway in Las Vegas, I have felt in love with same matching print looks, and for this look, I match two different items with similar colors. This time, I wanted something fresh and colorful but not too bright, and this neutral green color was the right color to go for. After finding the perfect shirt and shorts match, I couldn't wait to wear it on a nice way in the beautiful island of Fire Island. I accessorized this look with my favorite coach white shoes and white fedora hat to not over color this look. To add an extra fashionable touch, I wore a bandana around my neck for a more summery look. Hope everyone love this look as much as I did wearing it, and that's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post!


Green Shirt 

H&M Green Shorts 

H&M White Bandana 

Coach White Sneakers 

Forever 21 White Fedora Hat 

Hugo Boss Sunglasses 

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