December 2, 2016



Christmas season is here, and we're getting super excited! One of JVTeam's favorite holiday is Christmas, not only because we get more closer during this holiday season, but because we love the food, and the extra excitement this holiday season brings to our office and lives. 

For this month Inspiration Wall, we are getting inspired by the song "White Christmas" because let's be honest, who wouldn't mind a white Christmas. Even though some of us hate the snow, seems like Christmas Day could be the only day snow would be an exception. Unfortunately, no one in our JVTeam members, have experienced a white Christmas, mostly cuz it havent had happened in quite some time, but we're hoping for one this year. There's something about a white Christmas, that seems inspiring and motivational, and not to mention, lovely and beautiful. Hope you all wish for a white christmas after reading this post as much as we did. That's all for today and we'll see you all in our next post!









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