December 23, 2016


Featuring Calvin Klein Bag! 

Working on-the-go, can sometimes be a pain in the butt, but with the right accessories, it can make work more easy and organized. For over a year now, this Calvin Klein bag has been my work on-the-go must have. Not only is luxuriously good looking, is comfortable and had enough space for all my work on-the-go necessary items. 

When I first saw this bag in a Calvin Klein store, I knew this bag was the one, since I was looking for that perfect bag! Not too small, not too big, perfect color and perfect brand, this bag was like made from heaven for me! Myself, being a short guy, can sometimes be a bit hard to find items that not only fit me, but also that doesn't make me look shorter than I am, and finding the right bag, was key for me! Unfortunately, back in that day, I wasn't able to purchased it on the spot, but thank god for black friday being around the corner, and I waited till then. Once black friday sales hit, believe me, I was one of the first ones to get into the store, and end up saving more than I could've thought! 

For this look, I decided to go for a more sophisticated kind of look, since I usually try to keep it formal and professional when I meet with my clients. I end up wearing these light grey pants (That usually looks like almost white) along with a blue plaid shirt for that casual business attire feel. Since, is starting to get cold, keeping warm is key! I end up wearing one of my personal favorite beige cardigans along with this H&M grey jacket. For a fashionable touch, I wore my extra long beige knitted scarf with my brown loafers, and who can forget, my work-on-the-go must have, my Calvin Klein bag! - What I carry in my bag post coming soon - That's all for today, and I'll see you all in my next post! 



Zara Light Grey Pants 

Zara Light Brown Loafers 

H&M Grey Jacket 

Vintage Knitted Scarf 

Calvin Klein Brown Leather Bag 

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