April 27, 2017

Brooklyn The New Manhattan

Embracing views and style!

I remember one night I was watching Sex In The City, and in the episode Miranda was looking for a new apartment to move into, and she found an apartment in Brooklyn. At first she was skeptical about Brooklyn, but she end up love it and calling it the new Manhattan and I couldn't agree more!

Let me clear the air by start saying that I'm a big city - Manhattan - boy. Most of my friends even call me to ask about restaurants, hotels, and location suggestions when they're in town. Yet, there a couple of places I do not like to visit for personal reasons, I'm open minded in visiting and exploring new places I haven't been yet. For those who don't know, New York City is form by five main boroughs, a.k.a cities and they are The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the most famous one, Manhattan.  I expend most of my time working and hanging out in island of Manhattan to the point that I still in love with it and it can't be compare to the other four boroughs. I'm not saying Manhattan is the best, I believe each borough is unique and they can't be compare to one another. Lately, I've been spending most of time in Queens, and even though I still get lost when I drive thought it, I have found some great locations to hangout like Rosevelt Island - Check Out Outfit Look Editorial Here - and Astoria.

Queens shares a border line with Brooklyn, and before I can say anything about Brooklyn, I needed to take a visit and explore it myself. Even thought Brooklyn was the first borough I visit when I first arrived to New York, I haven't spend much time in it in the last couple of years till recently. While walking thought Brooklyn, I honestly felt like if I was walking through West Village in Manhattan. The more I walk through the streets of Brooklyn, I could tell there's a big difference on the roads, in which they are bit bigger than the ones in Manhattan which is a big plus coming from a driver like myself. Colorful and architectural buildings everywhere, and that's one of the main reasons I love Manhattan, and I can see why miranda was calling Brooklyn the new Manhattan. While doing some research about Brooklyn, I can say that Brooklyn's rent is a bit less costly compare to rent in Manhattan, but one thing Manhattan's apartments don't have, is the amazing view of itself. Most apartments of Brooklyn have the amazing view of Manhattan's skyline, which for most Brooklynites is a great pleasure. 

For this outfit look editorial, I wanted to embrace and share this amazing please of Brooklyn, like the amazing view of the down town area of Manhattan along the historical Brooklyn Bridge and other lower Manhattan historical buildings and statues. Besides fishing great views, there's also great style, and for this look I wanted to embrace a classic formal look which is famous for that old Brooklyn style Brooklynites love. To achieve this look, I layered a black rain jacket on top of my old time favorite express jean jacket. To add a touch of style, I added a bandana across my neck and a famous style fedora hat to add that old Brooklyn touch. Hope everyone enjoy this outfit look and if you ever in the area of New York, don't forget to make a quick stop to Brooklyn, because Brooklyn is the new Manhattan! 

Photos by Dimitri Ramos Exclusively for Javiortiz.com


 Jean Jacket  

Gap Black Rain Coat

Old Navy Grey Pants 

H&M Grey Sneakers 

H&M Grey Fedora Hat 

Zenni Optical Round Eyeglasses 

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