April 24, 2017

Design Shades : Yellow

Morning Sunshine!

There's nothing like waking up to a bright morning sunshine, and sometimes that bright morning sunshine can be coming from the same room you're waking up in. Today, we're teaching you how to add a touch of yellow to your living space, to make every room in your house like a fresh new day every time you walk into it. 

Like we mention in previous Design Shades posts - Find them all here - adding a pop of color can be overwhelming to some people, because most of us are used to depend in dark colors, but luckily for you, we have you cover. When it comes in adding a pop of bright color like yellow, is not only a great way to come out of your comfort zone, but also a great way to give your living space a more larger, fresh and brighten feel.

Before doing anything, you need to pick which room you want to brighten up and freshen up. This is important because depending on the room, you can do many to little changes and we want to make this task as easy as possible. If you want to bright up your living room space, an easy way to brighten up the room is by adding a bright yellow wall. If you want to go creative, you can mix and match each wall with different shades of yellow, to give a more bigger feel to the room and also to let light travel across the room. If you don't want to do that, and easy way is by adding small details, like a yellow table, yellow flowers, or yellow pillows to your couch, sofas and chairs. (Scroll down for inspiration) 

When it comes to the bedroom, adding the color yellow, is not only a great way to keep the room feeling calm and bright, but also can help keep your mind creative and positive. Just like the living room, you can paint the walls yellow or different shades of yellow, but also you can add personal touches like a lamp, picture frames, a bright yellow carpet or a bed comforter of your choice with the yellow color and you'll be able to get the same affects. This same formula goes for any another room, from your kitchen to your bathroom, you can add yellow or any other bright colors and make your living space feel more brighter and fresher for yourself and everyone in your house. So get inspired and sunshine will be in every room in your house. That's all for today and we'll see you in our next post! 

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