April 1, 2017



April is here, and so are spring showers! The begging of spring, is usually really nasty in the fact that the days are mostly cloudy and foggy, and not to forget, full of rain. But instead of feeling under the weather, how about we stand under an umbrella and go out for an adventure. 

This might sound crazy, but actually when it rains, the word is a lot different. Have you ever wonder how it would be to live underwater? If you answer yes! You should enjoy the beauty of rain. When it rains, the word hydrates itself, just like we humans needs water to stay hydrated for our bodies to stay moist, our planet earth needs water to keep moist too, specially after a harsh cold winter season like the one we just had. The best part about a rainy day, is the beautiful sunny day it comes afterwards.

Thanks to rain, we get our planet's beauty back on track, from flowers and tress, to even new baby animals. We can all agree, water is our source of life, so let's enjoy it! Hope everyone get's inspired, and let a rainy day hydrated your passion and the beauty of life! 

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