May 8, 2017

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Childhood dreams do come true! 

When I first visit New York City as a child, one of the first things I was really excited to see was the Brooklyn Bridge. As a child I was really into architecture and bridges were my obsession, though they still are my obsession even with a different career path, I'm happy to make some of my childhood dreams come true day by day. 

Once in a while I get asked "Why you like New York?" and my answer is simple, "because is home!". I can now say that I have traveled to a couple of different cities and different countries to officially say that I haven't find that place that makes me feel like New York does. Something about this city and state so different and unique that can't be duplicated, but can be love forever. Maybe has to do with my obsession with bridges, or the idea of working hard and follow my dreams, whatever it is something is working right.

When I was a child living in Colombian moving from city to city, house to house every couple of years, I remember that one big picture frame with an amazing photo of the New York City skyline hanged by the dinner table in every house I used to live in. I used to seat right across from it during every meal I had and without even thinking of it, I knew I wanted to visit that place one day and luckily today, I can called it home. Every time I'm near this bridge, or walking through it, I think of those moments I used to stared at that picture frame and imagine myself looking back at my young self trough the other side of that picture frame being quite emotional and a very proud moment. 

For this outfit look, I challenge myself for a more casual, but yet elegant look by pairing a pair of light beige pants along with a classic white shirt. Since, it was a bit chilly outside, I added this navy blue cardigan I got from Target, and style it with a bandana around my neck to give that elegant look. To go for that casual feel, I wore my favorite Bass Brown shoes and my current favorite pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this look and post and I'll see you all in my next post!

Photos by Dimitri Ramos Exclusively for Javiortiz.com


 Navy Blue Cardigan  

Calvin Klein White Shirt

H&M Light Beige Pants 

Bass Brown Shoes 

Zenni Optical Round Eyeglasses 

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