August 18, 2017

Parrish Art Museum

Local inspiration and motivation!

There are many things I enjoy in life, and some of them are traveling, playing with new fashion trends and most importantly getting inspired! Inspiration comes in many ways and forms, and here's one of them! 

Ever since I was in middle school, for some reason I was usually one of the those kids who went to most school trips, most of them being museum trips. Throughout high school, I started to wonder why I like and enjoy those kind of trips even though to most people they're boring! One of them was because most of the museums were located in areas that I always wanted to visit. No matter how local or far they were, I was most likely to never have been there before. Two, it gave me an excuse to dress fancy. Yes, visiting museums gave me motivation to dress up a bit more formal because I always have though museums are for "fancy" people. Last but not least, meeting the artist. Though it didn't happen all the time, but when it did, I was one of those people who asked a lot of questions. Is amazing to learn how someone can find motivation from something so simple like a color and transform it to some no one else ever though of. Hearing and seeing how they feel about their work always give me motivation and passion to always believe in your dream as long that you're working towards it.

For this outfit look editorial, I decided to shot at the amazing Parrish Art Museum located in the Hamptons, NY. When I first heard of this location while doing some research about the Hamptons, I was hyped to learn that this museum was just created a couple of years ago for the purpose of displaying local artist and encouraging culture and creativity. When arriving to the museum, I was captivated by the amazing open field surrounding the museum. Not only was beautiful, but felt fresh and free, I was inspired from the moment I got there. 

Like I mention before, when I visit museums I like to dress it up a bit. Since is summer season and I'm at the Hamptons, I decided to embrace some summer fancy vibes by wear a classic white shirt with a pair of navy blue shorts. To add that "fancy hamptons vibe", I wore my summer favorite beach fedora hat, along a pair of navy blue sunglasses and navy blue sneakers to match the shorts. 

Honestly, I have been to a couple of museums, but this one has been of the few that embrace nature and it's surroundings which not only makes it perfect for visitors to learn more about he community, but also, is a great way to make the community feel at home and proud of their work. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this post and I'll see you all in my next post! 


Calvin Klein
 White Shirt  

Gap Navy Blue Shorts 

Target Yellow Fedora Hat  

H&M Navy Blue Sneakers 

Aldo Shoes Sunglasses 

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