September 17, 2017

Design Shades : Green

Indoor nature!

When we think of the color green the first thing we think of is nature! Being within nature can be inspiring, motivational and refreshing. But you know you can make your home feel the same way? Here's a couple of ways you can make your home feel like being in nature without actually being outdoors!

We should all know by now that different colors can make us feel certain ways. Some colors can help us calm down, some other's like green, can help us feel fresh and energized. Described as the color of life, having some kind of the color green in our living space either by introducing real life items like a pant or a flower, or even just by painting the walls green, it will gives us that positive calm energy we all need once in a while.

Below we have collected a couple of imagines to help you find your own unique green design inspiration. An easy way to start with the color green, like we mention before, is by adding a real life item like a pant or flower. Though most of them required daily or weekly maintenance, is a great way to educate ourselves with responsibility and believe us, nothing gives more positive energy than being proud of your own work. Hope everyone gets encourage to add a little green into their lives. That's all for today and we'll see you all in our next post!

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