October 25, 2017

Reconnecting With Nature!

New nature adventures! 

Like I mention in my previous outfit look editorial - Port Jefferson, NY - I have become a fan of day trips. Those includes driving away to explore new towns, checking out a new local coffee shops or stores and sometimes, just go hiking to an unknown forest! 

While driving around out-east of Long Island, NY, I came across this lovely little bridge next to a main road. My crazy self decided to stop over and go checked it out. While walking towards it, I discovered there was a lake that the bride crossed over but wasn't sure where it lead to or even why the bridge was build there for. After crossing the bridge, I discovered a walking trail, though I didn't walk through it all because of time, but honestly the little walk I did was so peaceful and relaxing it reminded me why I love nature and being our doors. 

For this Outfit Look Editorial, I decided to blend in with nature and try to go with head-to-toe green. Starting off, I wore this green shirt from H&M matched with a pair of H&M green pants. Though they're two different shades of green, somehow I love how they both match and blend together. Continuing with green, I wore this really warm knitted sweater from Banana Republic along with a green cap from Forever 21. Lately, I've been crazy about these Champion white sneakers, that I decided to break the green cycle and match these sneakers with this green look. I love how the white pops up from the green, specially when walking through grass. To finish up this look, I wore my gold/brown shades from also form H&M. 

After having discovered this location and walking half way through the trail, it really got me hype again to start discovering new walking trails. Not just around my local area, but also discovering trails and natural wonders around the states and around the world. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this post and I'll see you all on my next one!


Banana Republic
 Green Knitted Sweater  

H&M Green Shirt 

H&M Green Pants  

Forever 21 Green Cap 

Champion White Sneakers 

H&M Gold Sunglasses 

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