October 30, 2017

Updating Fall

Classic fall inspired look with a twist!

There are a lot of inspirational looks you can come up with for the fall season, but sometimes I like to just give some traditional looks an update. And this time, I'm challenging myself to bring you a famous classic fall inspired look that we all love, but with a twist. 

We all have seemed and most likely wore the famous head-to-toe black outfit look with a black leather biker jacket and a plaid shirt around the waist along with a black fedora hat for many fall seasons. And for this outfit look editorial, I decided to stick with the whole head-to-toe black idea, but instead of a black leather biker jacket, I decided to update it with a nice white leather biker jacket and instead of a fedora hat, I decided to update it with a black beanie.

I have always love the combination of black and white together, and as you can see from this outfit look, the white leather biker jacket really stands out over the black and I'm loving it. I love when my outfits stand out because it makes my looks feel special and unique. For this look, I also decided to wear a black beanie because as much as I love wearing signature black fedora hats, I feel like a lot of people have been over wearing them. But honestly, you can't never go wrong by wearing a nice beanie when the temperatures are freezing outside like it was on the day of shooting this outfit look editorial. 

Taking it back to the day of this shooting, I always wanted to take some outfit look photos with a dog but unfortunately I don't actually own one. But luckily for me, there was this lovely lady walking her massive dog near me. At first, I was a fray to ask if I could take some pictures with the dog, but I was really happy after the lady agreed. After seeing some of the photos, I'm guessing the dog wasn't agreeing much with anything that we were doing. But after all, I had a lot of fun shooting with the dog, specially wearing my new updated fall inspired look. Special thanks to Meghan for letting shoot with Mozar. That's all for now, I really hope everyone enjoy this outfit look as much as I did and I'll be seeing you all in my next post!


 White Leather Biker Jacket  

Levi's Black Jeans 

H&M Black T-Shirt  

Kohl's Plaid Red Shirt 

Zara Black Sneakers 

H&M Black Beanie 

H&M Black Sunglasses 

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