February 18, 2018

Boston, MA

First time in Boston!

For a couple of years now, I have focused in traveling within the U.S. Though is just one country, I believe there's a lot to explore, learn and do. I have traveled from coast to coast and I have never thought of seeing so many differences from city to city. There are a lot of other cities I have yet to explore but this time, it was time to explore the city of Boston, Massachusetts. 

I live in the state of New York, and even though the city of Boston is just a couple of hours drive, I'm really surprised of myself to haven't visit this city in a previous occasion. But better late than never! A couple of months ago, my best friend and I finally made the decision to pack our bags and drive to boston. 

I won't lie, the drive to boston wasn't as joyful as planned. Don't worry the roads weren't bad or nothing bad actually happened. Our stupid selves just decided to go out partying till four am and started driving to Boston around five am. So we definitely do not recommend anyone to do that. After making it to Boston three hours later and having to do a very early hotel check-in, you know the first thing we did was to knocked ourselves out for a good nap.  Hours later, we headed out to start our Boston adventure and for some reason the first I that got into my head, was to think if San Francisco and New York had a baby, it would be Boston. I really felt in love with the architecture and space around. If you have been in New York, you know it can sometimes feel a bit tight and crowed. In Boston, I would say there was just enough people around to make out alive. 

We decided to take a boat tour around Boston, and it was a great way to learn more about the city itself and its surrounds. Would have to say that the view from the boat tour was quite amazing and it really made me fall in love this city even more. Even at some point I felt like a local by finally learning how to get around the subway. Wearing my new favorite Tommy Hilfiger sweater, here's also what I wore on this educational and fun boat tour. If you haven't visit the city of Boston yet, I definitely recommend to visit this lovely city soon. That's all for today, and I'll see you all in my next post! 


Tommy Hilfiger
Knitted Sweater  

Champion White Sneakers 

Hugo Boss Sunglasses  

Asos Skinny Jeans 

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