May 28, 2018

Espresso Stop

Coffee or tea?

One thing I have noticed about myself in the last couple of years of my life, is my energy capacity. I personally consider myself to be a very energetic person on the daily basis but once in a while a burst is well needed. 

Because I'm naturally energized most of the time, I tend to stay away from caffeine. I feel like if I intake caffeine often, it would get to a point my body would depend on it. That's something I do not want for myself or at least for now, because who knows how long these high energy levels will last.

For over three years now, I have become a big fan of drinking tea. Even though tea also contains caffeine, the caffeine levels isn't nothing too crazy compared to regular coffee. I like mostly fruity flavor teas and regular green tea when I feel like I'm getting a cold. I'm as simple as life can get, and I prefer to drink my tea's plain as they come. No milk, no sugar... okay, maybe some honey and lemon on occasions.  

But not everyday is the same, and once in a while I have a couple of long days of work. A great example would be like fashion week. During fashion week my day usually starts around six or seven AM and ends around twelve or one AM. Then multiply that for a couple of days and it will to the point that you can't even wake up on time anymore. This is also a main reason why most people wear sunglasses during the shows, because most of us haven't sleep and not even concealer can't help us. 

For that kind of schedule, no matter how energized you are, a burst is well needed after one or two days. In this case, I go straight with my famous skinny caramel macchiato with three shots of espresso, a long with ten pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and extra caramel. Might sound crazy, but sometimes not even this does anything to me but it sure is delicious. Days like these are my only exception for some extra caffeine intake, but besides that, I stay with my tea on the daily basis. 

For this editorial, I was visiting the city of Philadelphia for a short period of time. And like usual, I like to take advantage of my time and do the most I can. Somewhere in between this weekend getaway I decided to stop by a cute coffee shop in the heart of Philly for a well deserved burst. Hope everyone enjoy this post as my team and I had making it. That's all for today and I'll see you all in our next post!


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