May 30, 2018

One More Time!

Celebrating another year of Javiortiz.com!

Is crazy to think that something that was create out of curiosity could turned into a hobby and in a very short amount of time turned into business. Today, besides celebrating my own birthday, I'm happy to celebrate one of my best creations, Javiortiz.com.

Can't believe six years ago on this same day, the day of my birthday, I was laying in bed using my computer bored out of my mind. But believe me when I said, I haven't been bored ever since. Javiortiz.com has opened a lot of doors I never in life knew I could open. From attending exclusive fashion week shows to being able to share ideas and speak my mind with the world. Not only that, but also getting to travel to places and experimenting with my personal style.

As crazy as life might get, I made the promise to myself of keeping Javiortiz.com updated no matter what. Because Javiortiz.com isn't just a business for me, is my passion, my life, me! Though I won't lie, life is can be a real bitch, but that won't change me on doing what I love.

For this special moment, I wanted something more special. And what's more special than being in one of my favorite places in the world, The Fire Island Lighthouse. No matter what happens, for some reason I find myself in a peaceful state when I'm in this location. A similar way of how I feel when it comes to Javiortiz.com.

Though I made the promise of keeping Javiortiz.com updated no matter what, anything wouldn't be possible without any support. And for that, I couldn't be more thankful for you, my readers, my followers, my supporters. Nothing makes me more happy than to know that someone out there is getting inspired by my looks and life experiences. Even though I seriously keep forgetting that people actually read this, it really appreciate all of you.

Another year gone by, another year to look forward to. We're here today, to celebrate one more time!


Forever 21 
Black & White Striped Shirt  

H&M Black Shorts 

Adidas Black Sneakers 

Hugo Boss Grey Sunglasses 

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