September 14, 2018

Back To Black | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 3

There are normally four seasons of fashion week in New York City a year. Usually, for me, I like to start with the women's fashion week in February and end with women's fashion week in September. For this last outfit look editorial of New York Fashion Week, I took inspiration from the first outfit look editorial I did for the first season of New York Fashion Week early this year.

Looking back at my first outfit look editorial of the first fashion week season of the year - First Of First - I wanted to keep it fancy and luxurious by wearing head-to-toe black. Now being at the end of the last season of fashion week of the year, I wanted to end the season the same way I started it, by wearing black. But instead of keeping it fancy and luxurious, I wanted to keep it fun and edgy.

Continuing with my summer style, I decided to wear this fun printed Cuban collard shirt from H&M. Even though I purchased this shirt months ago, I thought it would be a fun idea to wait and wear it during fashion week. Wearing a simple Calvin Klein t-shirt underneath an open Cuban collard shirt, gives this look a casual and more relaxing feel to it. Matching the shirt, I decided to wear a pair of shorts while the weather allowed me to because unfortunately, it was raining on and off at the time. Keeping comfy and edgy, I wore my favorite pair of black sneakers from my - August 2018 Favorites - along with a pair of long black socks. Surprisingly, I do not like to wear socks on the daily basis, but this day I wanted to feel comfortable and also because my feet were hurting from breaking new leather shoes a day before. For sunglasses, I wore these edgy sunglasses I fell in love with in my latest shopping trip before heading out to The Hamptons. I'm normally not a big fan of jewelry or wearing a lot of accessories, but lately, I've been loving the idea of changing everything from clothes, to even jewelry. 

One of the best parts I enjoy the most of fashion week besides getting see the inspiring collections from inspiring designers is to get to connect and reconnect with wonderful people in the industry and getting to know that there are other talented people out there with the same interest and passion. Hope everyone enjoyed my last outfit look editorial of this season of new york fashion week. That's all for now, and I'll be seeing everyone in my next post.

In collaboration with @Marv.mcfly 


H&M Black & White Printed Shirt 

Nordstrom Black Shorts 

Calvin Klein White T-Shirt 

Puma Black Sneakers 

Run 21 Sunglasses 

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