January 4, 2019



Javiortiz.com is based on one of the most luxurious cities in the world. And for our first Inspiration Wall of 2019, we have decided to take inspiration not only from this luxurious city but also take inspiration from luxurious things people do around the world. 

Is the beginning of a new year and we are sure you are already inspired by many things at this point. But for us, we are inspired by luxury items like exclusive locations, high-end fashion, expensive cars and more. This year, our goals are to achieve more of these luxurious occasions in a worth living satisfaction.

Of course, some of these things might sound outrageous to some of us, but everything starts from inspiration, an idea, and a goal. We have accomplished many luxurious things in the past and being ambitious for more this year is not only a step up for us, but also across out in our bucket list.

We have gathered the images that have given us this inspiration below and we hope it inspires all of you as well. We wish everyone a healthy and wonderful new year once again. See you all in our next post!

** Photos were found on Tumblr. If you are or know some who owns them & would like Javiortiz.com to take them down, please feel free to contact us (Contact) **

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