February 1, 2019



Sometimes we as human beings forget that is okay to take a moment to relax and to release stress. We live in a world where almost everything feels like a competition and unfortunately, it can be easy to get lost in it. This month, we are inspired and motivated to start taking care of our mental health by incorporating a few de-stress activities.  

When it comes to destress activities, there are a lot of activities and technics people do to relax and to de-stress. Some people like to relax and de-stress by doing physical activities like exercising, yoga or doing any kind of sports. Some others like to relax and de-stress by taking a bath, going to the spa or just by reading an inspiring book in bed.

For us, we are looking forward to trying them all. But for this month, we are mostly focused on doing the most basic technics, which can be easily be done at home. If you are someone who doesn't expend much time at home or is usually traveling, these technics that can be easily done in a hotel or other places. 

These technics include sleeping an average of six to eight hours each night, taking a few minutes to read a book, taking a bath with relaxing oils and scents. Or simply, planning a day to do nothing. Consistency is key in everything you do in life, and taking one of these technics and turning them into a routing, you can be looking in taking control of your mental health. Below are a few photos we gather to inspire you all in ways you can relax and still be in style for those who worry about that. We hope these technics will help you get back on your mental health balance and we will be seeing you all on our next post!

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