April 17, 2019

What Are You Wearing? #2

Kamara Williams 

Charming, funny and very stylish! Those are just a few words to describe the beautiful Kamara Williams. A few weeks ago, I got the honored to meet her for a second time and ask her a simple question, What Are You Wearing?

About two fashion week seasons ago, before leaving a runway show at Spring Studios. I was walking towards the exit of the venue until I noticed a beautiful lady with big curly hair and amazing style. I walked towards her, introduce myself and complimented her on her hair and style. Since it was fashion week, everyone knows everything runs fast and late. Before running out to the next show, I got the chance to follow her on Instagram and ever since I've been obsessed with her style.

When I finally got to see her again for this interview, seeing her amazing and unique style close in person was definitely more amazing than I thought. The moment she arrived at the interview location, didn't take me long to realized she was funny. She was also very sweet and charming, and though the camera lighting made her a little nervous during the interview, she made the best of it by laughing and enjoying herself. It was inspiring to learn her style inspirations but most importantly, getting to know her personal inspirations and background.

After the interview was done, we headed outside to take a few photos of her stylish outfit look. I could tell from the moment I took the camera out that she was a professional when it came to this part because she knew exactly how to pose in every photo. After running, jumping, walking here and there, we were done with the whole interview process. Before saying our goodbyes, I asked her what she was doing after the interview and invited her to join me to check out a few stores at the new Hudson Yards shopping center and she agreed. We checked out almost the entire shopping center and after checking out a few stores, I learned that we have similar taste when it came to clothing.

After expending almost an entire afternoon with her, I felt like I knew her my entire life. She was so welcoming and nice, I have no bad words to say about my interaction with her. You can learn more about her by checking the interview video below and don't forget to check out her out on Instagram at @inthing_ and her site at Inthingstyle.com.


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