May 27, 2019

Taking A Stand

Stand up for what you believe!

When I found out Kim Kardashian-West was on the cover of American Vogue Magazine, I couldn't wait to get to read it and to see what she had to say on her first ever solo cover. Turns out, she not only says what she wants to do, but she also stands by it and makes it happen. 

Kim Kardashian-West is no stranger to people's eyes and even though we may all have a different opinion of her as a person and her business aspects, one thing that inspires me of her is her motivation of making things happen no matter what! On her cover interview, she speaks about her motivation on adjusting the criminal-justice system and other things she has always been interested in working on. Though she is aware of her brand and power, she is taking a stand on her believes and working towards them even when requires hard work and long hours of schooling. 

Some people may see this action as a way of gaining popularity or trying to appear cool, but to be honest, she is already popular which already makes her appear cool. As she mentions on her cover interview - "I don't pay attention to that anymore," - as a person like myself who is usually expressing and sharing their feelings and ideas to the public, those words where motivational. 

In conclusion of my afternoon reading in Central Park, if you know you have a privilege, stand for what you believe in and make a change. We are in a world where nothing is perfect, but for many, is not even good. I spoke about the power of self-worth and self-motivation on previous editorials, but today I would like to remind you all to stand for what you believe and never give up! That's all for today, hope everyone enjoys this editorial as much as I did and I'll see you all on my next post!


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