June 3, 2019



Summer season is officially here, and one of the best parts about the summer season is the fact that we get to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. With its endless power, clear beauty and undermind mystery, the ocean not only keeps us alive but can keep us inspired. 

There are many things we can say about the ocean, from a fun perspective to a scientific perspective. But today we are focusing on how it makes us feel and how it inspires us. When we think of the ocean, we think of freshness, life and when we are around it, we feel freedom. This summer season, we have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy the most of the ocean by not only doing fun activities like swimming and snorkeling but also just relaxing by the ocean and hearing each wave passing by. Closing our eyes and just feeling the fresh wind along with the sound of the waves, helps us clear our minds and helps us create more conscious thoughts.  

Never misestimate the ocean, it might look calm, powerless and we might say we know all about it, but we are all wrong. The ocean has an endless power known to humans and underneath its calm surface hides a mystery no one knows about. And though it can be dangerous for us humans, it can teach us a lesson. Not everything we see on the outside, is really what goes inside. We humans, tend to have the density to make everything look perfect and though at times, our lives are nothing close to it, we somehow try to make everything look that way. With that being said, we need to be more understandable of people feelings, struggles and even when they don't say or don't feel like sharing their thoughts, know everyone goes through something. 

So this summer season, let's not only enjoy the weather, the ocean, and our lives but let's make this season, the season to be more kind, more understandable and just live life together like good human beings. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoys this post and we'll see you all on our next post. 

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