June 26, 2020

Good As Hell

"We're all born naked & the rest is drag"

Happy pride everyone! For this month of pride, not only I'm celebrating with this editorial, but I'm also trying to give everyone, and even myself a reminder to love yourself no matter your sexuality or the way you look.  

It is no secret the last few months have been hard on everyone. The whole world was put on hold and we have been under quarantine for quite some time. Restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and gyms have been closed, and having most of us adjust to what I like to call "the new normal".

As the world is slowly coming together as we used to know it, things aren't exactly the same way yet and I hope it doesn't go back to it either. We should be wiser, more open-minded, and appreciative of what we have, who we have around us, and most importantly, who we are as unique individuals. With that being said, let's not go back to where we were, let's move forward with what we have learned and experienced. 

Recently, I have been hearing a lot of complaints coming from friends and family. Okay, maybe the word complaint isn't the right word to use but mostly concerns about their weight. We all have them and yeah, even myself have gained some weight. After the holiday season and months of quarantine, we are all going to gain something somewhere. But that didn’t worry me as much, what worried me was how it started to affect their self-esteem. Because of that, it made me realized how much work and how hard sometimes it can be to accept yourself and especially be proud of it. 

If you're reading this, and you feel like you have some insecurities to overcome. I'm here to tell you, you don't need to overcome them. We are unique for a reason and instead of overcoming them, embrace them. Today, I'm proud of who I am, how I look and yes, I am proud of being alive and sharing my voice for a better tomorrow. Once again, happy pride, and I'll see you all on my next post!

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