October 19, 2020


Sometimes all you need is to relax!

This is going to sound corny but is true, sometimes all you need is to relax. You have no idea how many times I have to remind myself of that. Recently I decided to do just that by taking myself off quarantine and traveled across the country. 

Before you come for me for cutting my quarantine short, I have actually been really outspoken about my three-month self-quarantine and current social distancing precautions. With that in mind, I needed a break and a change in my surroundings. What a better to do it than to head to Las Vegas. Lucky for me, not only have family members but also friends I haven't see in a while in this city and couldn't wait to see them.

Before heading to Las Vegas, I found out some rumors and not so cute secrets from what I used to consider friends. Feeling pissed and down on myself, I felt glad for this trip to come upon such good timing in my life. Even though for the first three days I wasn't really feeling myself till I was laying on the couch and saw this pillow that said, "relax". Not only did it spoke to me on a personal level, but it also reminded me that there shouldn't be a reason to be stressing over jealous people. That boosted my energy and I couldn't wait to enjoy the rest of my getaway. 

So with that being said, remember to relax and take breaks here and there. This year we know it has been a rollercoaster and not even a fun one for most of us. Stay positive and let's hope we all have a better year next year. That's all for today and I'll see you all on my next editorial. 

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