February 15, 2021

Oh, Dallas!

Last-minute trip to Dallas, Texas

What happens when your best friend needs emotional help? You pack your suitcases and fly out within hours. That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago. Here's a little story of how my first time in Dallas, Texas came about only in five short hours. 

I am known for my routine lifestyle, I like to make plans with time, live my life out of an agenda and basically usually consider a busy person. But that doesn't mean that's the way things actually happen and for this occasion, it was no exception. Most of the best moments of my life have happened out of nowhere and in fact, this wasn't even my first last-minute trip to which I have a strategy of how to arrange last-minute changes to my agenda. 

With that being said, after a day of hanging out with my best friend and catching up about life. My best friend was going through some personal struggles and within our long-time friendship, the idea of a last-minute trip has been in thought but poorly executed many times before. Till this time around! Location was picked, research was done and things were booked with only five hours to pack and be at the airport. This used to be my life back two years ago and honestly, it felt good having the chance to cancel it all and just be gone for a few days. 

For this editorial, at first, I wanted to take some great out-door photos showcasing the beauty of Dallas. But unfortunately, it was a rainy day, so I decided to do it inside at the hotel. My goal for 2020 - before covid - was to try new things and for me was to wear more denim. Happy to say that I've been enjoying the casual looks I've been putting together using denim and with covid still in place with nowhere fancy to go to, casual denim has been the way to go. Hope you guys enjoy this look and remember if it will make you feel happier and you know you can make it happen, don't think about it twice. 

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