June 14, 2021

Dear J

A letter from the future

Dear J,  is crazy to think how long it has been since I last checked up on you. A lot of things have changed and in ways, you will never imagine. Life might seem rough and boring at the moment but take this moment to not only learn more about yourself but also keep in mind those around you. 

As time goes by, you will meet many people whom some will stay around but most will be gone in a blink of an eye. Some people will use you for your art, some will use you for your social life and some will use you for your success. Keep an eye open and always trust your gut. Remember, no matter how full of energy you might be, there are limits. 

Forget about looking for love, you will find it when you least expect it. Everything you think you know, you actually don’t & what you want, isn’t really what you will want once you get it. Save that energy of pleasing everyone around you, keep your head in the game once you figure out the game you want to play in. Wish to tell you everything I know but those experiences have made us more wiser and humble. 

You might be rolling your eyes right now, but actually feels freaking good and the best part is, not a lot of people have that which will forever make you different from everyone else. Oh, and before I go, black and white is the color to go. 

Love, the future you.

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