July 26, 2021

You Be You

Embracing myself to the fullest!

I recently learned that I'm not as confident as I thought I was. For many years - without even thinking about it - I was avoiding my background, my past, the way I looked, and qualities I thought were not as common. Which led me to think I was living my true self but in reality, I was living a perspective of me I had put myself to believe. 

Since discussing dating with my friend Jesus back in an episode of - A Drink & More! Ep.5 - I've been putting myself out into the dating world and been on a few dates. Turn out, I did actually end up liking someone I've known for quite some time now. Though we are just enjoying and focusing on our careers at the moment, for some reason I found myself being scared of expressing myself to my fullest. Also found myself trying to be someone I'm not by acting different and overthinking about my background (culture), my education, and even the way I look. 

What shocked me the most besides realizing what I was doing, was the fact that I've been doing that for a while now. But what has made me do that? I asked myself with the help of my therapist. Turn out, I'm not embracing myself to my fullest. I've been focusing to be this kind of successful, well-educated, well-put-together kind of person that I along the way I lost track of embracing my culture, the way I look, and the way I think of the world. I've been living with this kind of person I don't even know who it was, that was hiding and preventing me from embracing the things that make me who I am. 

Now that this has come to my attention, It has brought me back to all my previous editorials and moments where I spoke about self-embracing and expressing ourselves to the fullest. And reading them again with a deeper mindset, a better understanding of myself, and encouraging myself - and those who are reading this - to not be afraid of embracing yourself in every aspect of their lives. From the place you're living in, to the way you look, our uniqueness is what makes us stand out. Looking back, everything I have created and accomplished so far has been because of my uniqueness and differences. 

Now, I can still continue working in becoming this successful, well-educated, and well-put-together kind of person with a spice of my unique self. No more being afraid of representing my culture, showing my looks, or the way I think, because after all, I'm the first of my kind. 

As I explore my uniqueness day by day, I know I can always count on Express to help me share it through my style. So give them some love for sponsoring this post with their unique and high-quality clothes which I've been loving for almost a year now. That's all for this post and can't wait to connect with you all on my next post. 

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