September 16, 2022

New Beginnings | NYFW

End of a season, the start of a new one!

New York Fashion Week has come to end and though it has ended, it has also started off a new season. As I mentioned in my recent post - Continuous - this is my first fashion week season in over two years. I also mentioned how I like to start off fashion week looking sharp and slowly transition to something comfier. This being my last editorial for this season of New York Fashion Week I'm giving comfy, stylist, and playful.

For those who don't know, this New York Fashion season was focused on showcasing collections for the upcoming spring and summer of 2023. That's right, most of the collections we saw this season are the ones you most likely will see in stores next year. This is a marketing strategy many industries use to create hype about the product, create the right campaigns, and run tests before they hit the market. 

Surprisingly, this is also how I like to manage most of my campaigns, posts, and even my personal life. In the next few months, many things in my life will be changing - in a positive way. I'm currently working on moving once again to a better and bigger place for me to be able to focus and create more amazing content. I also recently got a new hairdo which you could see in this editorial and I'm also currently working on projects most of which will be out next year. Don't want to get too much ahead of myself, but just like this season of fashion week, I'm already working into the new year.

I honestly feel like 2020 gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better, balance my life, and think about my accomplishments from a different perspective. Though it took me a bit to come out from that mental state I was in, that era has come to end, and just like the rest of the world, I'm starting a new one. 

Coming back to New York Fashion Week was highly needed and I'm happy I did it. I enjoyed it, and now I'm able to say I can't wait for the next one. Are you currently working on something exciting? If so, let me know in the comments. That's all for today and I'll catch up with you all in my next post.

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