July 30, 2014


Hello Readers, Today I'm back with another Daily Outfit. Like you might know by now, I love nature. Everything about it is so fascinating, from its unique shapes, to its unique colors. 

Lately, while sitting under a tree and enjoying a beautiful afternoon here in NYC, I realized how the colors of nature, depending of the season, inspire fashion trends. For example, during the summer and spring, we see a lot of bright pastel colors from flowers, tress, beaches and even the sky. And during the fall and winter, we see a lot of orange, brown, black and also white and grey from the dying trees and cold freezing weather. All of these colors are more than just colors. They are nature, and like nature, they are unique and they always have a meaning to it. They inspire us in many ways and even everyday. so, before you keep a color, look beyond the color. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post.

Photos Taken By Korinah Sodahlon


White Polo Shirt from POLO 

Colorblocked Tank Top from Forever 21

Beige Pants from H&M

Sandals from Target

Black Bandana from Target 

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