April 1, 2016


90's Inspired Look

There's no dough, the 90's were fun and memorable, and also known as the jean century. Jeans became very popular in the 90's, and still very popular till this day. While doing research on style back in 90's a simple shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers were a most to go look. 

To give it an update to today's style, I added a cap to make this look more sporty. Along with this outfit, I added a plaid long-sleeved shirt and wore it around my waist for a more edgy look. One of my best memories from the 90's were how little people thought of fashion and how no matter what people wore, they will pull it off and outfit. It was more about the fun and there was more freedom, compare to. Hope everyone enjoyed our style looks from past centuries, this week and we'll see you on our next post.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 



Aeropostale Orange Plaid Shirt

H&M  Light Blue Ripped Jeans

Champion Black Sneakers

Ray-Ban Eye-Glasses 

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