July 4, 2016

Red, White & Blue

Happy 4th of July!

Is that time of the year again, when the grills get turned on high, family and close friends come over and kids are excited to see the fireworks, because is the 4th of July! So, put on your best patriotic outfit look and enjoy the celebration of our home land independence day!  

For this year's Fourth of July outfit look, I decided to mix and match the color of our american flag, red, white and blue. While looking through my closet, I came around many choices of different kinds of fabric and styles of clothing, but for this year, I want it to take it formal and classic. I matched this dressy short sleeve blue shirt from Forever 21 with one of my favorite dress white pants from Express. While looking, I found a belt that matched all of the three colors I wanted for this outfit, so I decided to wear it. Since all I need for the color red, I found a pair of red shoes I haven't wore in a while, so I thought it was a great time to wear them again.

I'm all about accessories, and I recently purchased this straw hat that I was thinking about saving it for that perfect moment, and I guess that moment came sooner than I thought. I think this hat adds that nice and traditional look to this outfit and I love it. To finish this outfit look, I added a bandana, with all the three colors I'm going for, I tie it lightly around my neck. Is summer time, no one should leave the house without a pair of sunglasses, and for this look, I'm wearing a pair of mirror sunglasses from Hugo Boss. We should all know by now, that is important to keep in mind safety precautions on this day, so our message from us here at Javiortiz.com to you, is to enjoy this Fourth of July, in style, and with safety. That's all for today and I'll see you all in our next post.


Forever 21 
Blue Shirt 

Express White Dress Pants 

Vans Red Sneakers 

Hugo Boss Sunglasses 

H&M Hat 

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