September 12, 2018

In Line | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 2

My second day of fashion week started very early and probably my busiest day of the season. Having a show every hour was definitely a challenge but thanks to my JV Crew, we were able to make it on time for most of the shows.

As usual, I like to start my morning with my morning drink, and since I was extra tired and still feeling sleepy, I decided to head over to one my favorite Starbucks stores located on 26th street. After doing some editing there, it was time to head on to my first show of the day.

While waiting in line to enter the venue of my first show of the day, I came across a well dressed and sweet girl from Australia. We connected quickly and we even sat next to each other during the show. While talking, we realized were invited to the same next couple of shows and decided to stick together through all the shows. Between shows, we decided to hang out backstage where we met a couple of the models in which later on we also found out they were walking in some of the shows we were attending. I would my second day of fashion week for this season was extra long, extra sociable and fun.

For my second-day outfit look for New York Fashion Week, I decided to wear this striped shirt I purchased before my trip to Fire Island, NY. Like I mentioned in my previous post - Last Summer Vibes - this fashion week I decided to use up the last couple of new summer clothing items I have left in my closet. Keeping it classic and modern, I paired this shirt with a pair of black skinny pants, along with my summer favorite black dress shoes. A fashion week must, you can forget your sunglasses and as mention in my last month's favorites of the month - Check it out here - I've been obsessed with these aviator sunglasses. 

Hope everyone has been enjoying our coverage of New York Fashion Week and keeping up with our Down The Runway segment. That's all for today and I'll be seeing you all in my next outfit look editorial. 

In collaboration with @Marv.mcfly 


H&M Blue Striped Shirt 

Topman Black Pants 

INC International Concepts Black Dress Shoes 

Run 21 Sunglasses 

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