September 28, 2020

Autumn Cozy With Express

Feeling cozy at home!

A few weeks ago, Express asked me to do an outfit editorial at home featuring a few items from their new Autumn collection. Starting the new Autumn season from my home to yours, here's my cozy at home outfit look editorial with Express. 

When I first read about the theme they wanted to do, which was "polish-meets-cozy" at home, my head went clear. Especially now at the beginning of a new season. Because when I think of Autumn all I think about is leaves falling and pumpkin picking. But this season we all know is going to be different just like the last few seasons of this year.  Close to a month now, I've been expending a lot more time at home after enjoying the nice warm summer weather. I'm pretty sure I can say I feel really comfortable staying home for a long period of time. After all, I did quarantine for three months early this year. Even though my at-home style back then was not cute because I didn't really expend much time at home prior to quarantine, but after a while, I knew I needed to adjust. 

Usually, when people think of the word "cozy" they think of PJs or baggy clothes, which is completely fine for staying in bed all day. But unfortunately, when you're staying at home for a long period of time, the bed can become a bit annoying. And yet, dressing up at home as if you were going out can be debatable sometimes and not too comfortable. 

Here's an easy, cozy, and comfortable autumn outfit look anyone can pull off at their own home. Autumn is the transactional season, which means you never know if it's going to be warm or cold. So for this look, I decided to wear this grey t-shirt and top it with a light beige long sleeve shirt. This gives me the option to stay both warm and cool depending on the temperature whether I'm outside or at my house. Autumn is all about neutral colors, so I decided to go with these green chinos. They are actually really comfortable and stretchy, they feel like sweat pants but better looking. For shoes, I decided to go with these beige suede boots. They really add a nice dressy but cozy vibe to this look and I love it. Always remember, just because you're home, doesn't mean your style should suffer. That's all for now, a special thank you to Express for sponsoring this post and I'll see you all on my next post. 

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