May 24, 2021

Express Reentry

Sunny day in the Hamptons

Traditionally as the weather gets warmer, I like to start getting myself into summer vibes by doing a few things like revisiting a few of my favorite summer locations and of course, getting into my iconic summer style. 

I remember a few years back when I first purchased my first silky shirt - Silky Summer - They were so hard to find but I like them so much, I made the decision of adding more of them into my wardrobe. Making them my summer go-to style. Fast forward to today, there are so easy to find but not all of them fulfill my taste. 

Lucky for me, this year Express has a lot of varieties of silky shirts with fun and sophisticated prints. Which has made styling items together a lot easier and still getting that fancy yet casual style I love. When it came time for me to get ready to enjoy a sunny day in the Hamptons, I decided to style this silky colorful floral shirt with a classic pair of light beige shorts. Of course, it wouldn't be my iconic summer style without wearing a pair of white sneakers. I think they add such a clean feel to any look and since summer calls for more color and prints, wearing white sneakers gives these details their moment to shine. 

How do you get yourself prepare for the summer? Enjoy me and others in the Express Reentry challenge by using the #ExpressReentry. A special thank you to Express for sponsoring today's posts, hope everyone enjoyed this editorial and I'll see you all on my next post. 

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