January 3, 2022

What A Year '21!

2021 year recap!

Another year has gone by and it for sure brought me a lot of inspiration for many outfit editorials. Let's go over a few of my favorite outfit editorials and talk about the inspiration behind each of them. Here's my 2021 year recap. 

January: The Comfort-Zone - The start of 2021 was very odd for me. For the first time, almost all of my content was being done at home and many adjustments had to be made. Including my at-home style and home decor. This editorial was actually done at my old apartment at the corner of my bed/office room since I had to really work with the space I had available. Looking back at what I had to work with back then really makes me appreciate my current workspace. 

February: Self-Dilemma - 2021 was all about self-discovering and this editorial is what really started the idea to get into therapy. And honestly, it has been one of my best life choices. At this point of the year, I was dealing with a lot of self-conflict and self-doubt. Not a pretty good state to be in mentally. I decided to share my struggles in the hope of self-reflect, by speaking about it. 

March: Lost Again! - Is easy to lose yourself after a relationship breakup. Sometimes the way life works are very fascinating because the original idea for this outfit editorial was to show an outreach edgy side of me but right after this editorial was shot the breakup happened and the concept for this outfit editorial completely changed. Using the content previously taken, I was able to share my emotions and yet, inspired myself to keep in mind that just because something is over, doesn’t mean everything else is too. 

April: Blooming - As the weather finally started to warm up, is no surprise it inspired me to bloom my inner skills, personality, and physical appearance. Thanks to Express, I was able to find the right clothes to express myself. Shot in my backyard, this outfit editorial was the start of a very eventful warm season. 

May: I Want To Break Free - The month of May has really become a very special month for me for so many reasons. And so has my favorite rose, the white rose. I mentioned why white roses have become meaningful to me and they have also inspired me to break free from back habits and situations. White roses really are healing. 

June: What Do You Love? - Only halfway through the year and it felt like many years have gone by. Though it took me some time to come up with a topic or idea for my special pride editorial. At the time, I was going through a face where I was questioning everything and everyone around me. I asked myself, what do I love? And right there it clicked me. Pride isn't just about self-expression and self-love, but also sharing love in general. 

July: You Be You - Nothing is more fascinating than learning more about your current talents and gifts in life. At this point in the year, I have been encouraged to be myself, but also encourage others to be open and proud as I am. As life keeps moving, we are faced with many experiences and we can forget how powerful each of us as an individual can be when we embrace every aspect of our lives, knowledge, and love. 

August: Office Hours - For the first time, my office space isn't at a local Starbucks, a hotel lobby, or my own bedroom. I said once and I'm saying it again - life really works in wonderful ways. I didn't have any plans this year of moving but yet, I purchased my first house. Now I not only have an amazing working space, but also a place where I can call my own. 

September: Me Day With Lights Label - 2021 was the first year almost all of my work and projects were done from home. Being someone who went from being at home for only a few days a month to being at home almost all the time, really took some adjustment. This means, me days are appreciated a lot more. Especially when a brand wants you to try out their new collection. 

October: Bold Brow With PYT Beauty - Honestly, I don't consider myself a makeup guru - Yet! But being in the fashion, entertainment, and marketing world, I do have some pretty good knowledge of makeup. I've been lucky enough to receive PR products in the last few years of my career to try on and play with. But for the first time, a makeup brand wanted to collaborate with me, and being the month of Halloween which I create fun and exciting looks on Instagram, why not try to challenge myself to do something new and unique. 

November: This time of the year I normally start thinking of ideas and plans for the upcoming year. But this time, instead of keeping up with everything that was currently happening at this time of the year, I decided to skip this month and get ahead of myself by starting working towards projects for the upcoming month and year. Not only that but also gave me a great jump start in managing time between my work and personal life.  

December: The Mistake - Something about humans, the world, or the universe is that nothing is perfect. As the year ends, I wanted to end on a good note by apologizing for the mistakes I have made throughout the year. Though I didn't speak about those things, I wanted to bring awareness to the idea that is okay to make mistakes and to own up to them. Whether it was on yourself or others, a great way to be a better person is by understanding how and why we are not. 

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